Hello! I am Sofia!

Support me in the fight against my severe diagnosis - Cerebral Palsy

Hello! I am Sofia!

Support me in the fight against my severe diagnosis - Cerebral Palsy

To all people with big noble hearts!

A short video of our Sophie and the stages she goes through.

We are Vasilena and Nikolay, parents of Sofia, a strong fighter, who chose us four years ago to be her parents and support in life.

She has a dream - to run with a friend holding hands!

About Sofia

About 10 months after her birth, we realized that she had a problem. She couldn’t sit, she couldn’t crawl, she didn’t try to stand up. We learned the sad diagnosis – cerebral palsy, expressed in spasms and cramps in both of her legs. Since then, our life has become a daily struggle, a struggle for Sofi to be able to do the most natural things, to be able to walk alone, run and play like any child. Sadly, instead of playing carefree games with other children, her days are filled with visits to rehabilitators (in Bulgaria and abroad) and other therapies aiming at improving her abilities.

Everything achieved so far is soaked with a lot of effort, children’s tears and pain. Thanks to the dedication of the specialists she works with, even though not sure of herself, Sophie
is now on her feet walking, with the help of her crutches, which she calls “my friends”.

Despite those achievements so far, due to the nature of her diagnosis and her natural growth, muscle spasms and tendon shortening are increasing. This will inevitably lead to distortion of the posture and limbs, and subsequently to a number of painful orthopedic surgeries.

As parents, every night we silently promise to ourselves that we will find the best doctor in the world for Sophie, and now we have found him! Dr. Park approved Sophie for the fateful Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) operation at St. Louis Children’s Hospital in the United States. It will permanently reduce leg cramps and allow Sophie to live a better and more independent life. This is the only operation in the world that affects the cause, not just the consequences of cerebral palsy.

Dr. Park’s prognosis for Sophie is very promising and he believes that she will improve all her skills and walk on her own! It is our hope and dream to see our child make her own steps.

A huge obstacle for the miracle to be able to happen is the sum of $70 000.

We share our story with you friends, because we can’t do it alone. We count on your kindness and nobility in this difficult and fateful moment for us.

So that our little girl can make her own steps!

Steps that we – the BIG ones, are taking so our children can move ahead and forward!

And dream of tomorrow!

Together we can give Sofia an independent life.

Thank you!

Help us

A child's dream may come true!

$70 000 raised of $70 000

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